Journey to Eating Healthy? Breakfast

I was so proud of myself with this breakfast lol. Not because I had veggies with egg whites but because I finally had the courage to try veggie sausage 🙃

So first I cut up some tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and spinach. After cutting the veggies I threw them on the skillet (sprayed some vegetable oil on the skillet before) until the onions and spinach softened then added the egg whites.

Then I cooked the veggie sausages on the skillet for 10mins, then just toasted some bread and added American cheese.  

I do have to say I did like the veggie sausage but I can’t eat more then 2 links. But overall I really enjoyed this breakfast! 😉

If your eating healthy, what’s one thing you are or were afraid to try? 


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