Journey to Eating Healthy? Continued

I tried something really different. I kept asking other people what they thought about it and I kept getting the same answer… That it was really good! So I made cauliflower rice with veggies and I was so nervous because I actually cut up the cauliflower and blended it in the blender. And it actually came out pretty good. 

I cut up the cauliflower and cleaned them and let them dry. Then I blended them in the blender until they are small like rice. 

I also cut up veggies and put them to stir fry  with garlic, thyme, onions, green peppers, butter, salt, and pepper and after the veggies are soften I added the cauliflower. 

I let the veggies and cauliflower cook for about 10 minutes. It was very easy and very good. I was so surprised! 😱

Have you had cauliflower rice? Or have made it? Share your recipes with me! I’m looking for new recipes to try!


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